Product Notifications

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To respond promptly and effectively to situations of exposure and/or intoxication by various products, it is fundamental for CIAV (Portuguese Poison Centre) to have all the necessary and indispensable information to be able to research and make a toxicological evaluation of the products concerned.
For this purpose there is a legislative framework (Legislation) regarding the obligation to communicate to CIAV the necessary information of existing products or those that will be available in the Portuguese market.
CIAV is legally obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the information received from companies and ensure that this information is only available to physicians and exclusively for medical purposes, in emergency situations particularly.
To optimize the notification process by companies and facilitate the access to the information by physicians, a Product Notification Platform ( was developed to allow companies to directly upload to a database the necessary information related to:

  1. Submitter identification
  2. Company identification
  3. Product notification

The User Manual describes platform resources and functions, explains the procedure and the information required.
A Notification Certificate will be automatically issued and sent by email to the company for each product notified and validated by CIAV and will be permanently available on the platform.